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GOP Debate All About Donald Trump Unless Someone Dares To Fight

August 6, 2015

Tonight’s Republican presidential debate is going to show many things.   Among the things I will be watching for is how serious the candidates have studied up on the issues, and how they stand up to the pressure of a debate among others with Potomac Fever.

For some like Jeb Bush it will be about showing how seasoned and responsible he is as a member of a political family, while Ted Cruz will try and wage political jihad within the GOP with anger and bombast.    Many will look for calm reflections and sage words from John Kasich. There will be many themes and moments during the two hour broadcast, but nothing else will matter after tonight if someone does not take the fight to Donald Trump.

After all, he is the one who has sucked the oxygen out of the political season which was to have showcased all the rich talent that the GOP has to offer the nation. That has all been turned upside down with Trump taking command of the campaign season and tonight literally taking center stage.

I want professional and seasoned politicians on that stage to take the fight to Trump. It is time to press and squeeze and scrutinize him. Tomorrow’s morning paper will either headline that Trump ran the show or that some plucky and determined candidate took the fight to him for the sake of the party and the nation. That candidate will then see his poll numbers rise.

Like everyone else I wait to see what happens.

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