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Conservative News Media Working To Bring Down Donald Trump

August 7, 2015

There is no way not to overstate that a certain segment of the conservative news media are out to get Donald Trump. They understand what he is doing to their name brand as we all march towards the 2016 presidential election.

The questions that were asked by FOX News moderators last night were tough but most valid concerning Trump.  The questions were not out of bounds, but it was clear they were tactical.  It should be noted that no other candidate last night had exactly the same level of hard-hitting questions.  While it is true that others on the stage had to defend their positions on gay marriage or abortion the intensity of the questions aimed at Trump was clearly by design.

Then this morning above the fold on the front page of The Wall Street Journal was this nugget.

Mr. Paul, sagging in the polls, jumped on Mr. Trump’s stance to take a shot at the Republican leading most public-opinion polls. “He buys and sells politicians of all stripes,” Mr. Paul said. “He’s already hedging his bets.”

Mr. Trump quickly responded, “I give him plenty of money”—a claim not supported by federal records. And half of GOP primary voters say they wouldn’t consider voting for him.

This is more proof–as if we ever need more proof–that politics is the best game to watch and that the 2016 election season is delivering all that was promised.  And we are just in early August 2015!

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