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Donald Trump Lowers The Bar In Political Campaigns

August 11, 2015

I believe that standards are set in life for a reason. They force us to abide by some common norms and work to keep society moving in  a healthy direction.  While politics is at times a bare-knuckle undertaking it also must have some rules of the road which need to be followed.

But what we have sadly witnessed this summer is the that anything goes when it comes to political campaigning.  Donald Trump has embarrassed us all and demeaned the process.

Donald Trump may fade — or crest at least — and summer will give way to new storylines of fall. But he’s already invented a new and remarkable campaign style that breaks molds and has uncanny ways of breaking through. Start with the public events, the circus-like gatherings where Trump Force One touches down and the Donald unleashes himself on a crowd, tipping the room toward him. Then add the continuous stream of telephone interviews, where Trump’s voice lashes out in new and unpredictable ways, delivering on expectations almost without fail, and picking new fights from time to time. And then there’s Twitter, which Trump uses as a nuclear campaign button whenever, it seems, a thought or insult occurs to him. For Republicans, and the broader political class, this represents the new normal. Nobody campaigns like Donald Trump. But there’s no campaigning anymore that doesn’t take into account that Donald Trump is in this campaign.

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