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Hillary Clinton In A World Of Hurt

August 12, 2015

Not for the first time do I write about my deep concern over the tactic then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took when deciding to use her own personal server for emails. It was simply the wrong way to proceed. Now there is a price to pay. And it will be a political one.

There is a restive movement within the Democratic Party to make sure the 2016 nominee speaks to the issues that liberals regard as essential for the upcoming election. Bernie Sanders has proven most adept at making the issues of the economy along with money in elections both front and center. The people of this nation are not only listening but responding with favorable polls showing Sanders cutting into Clinton’s lead.   Even overtaking her in New Hampshire according to a new poll released today.

So to then also deal with the gnawing matter of why the Clintons think they can play by a separate set of rules—such as with the email server—is not something that makes for a good political season for someone who was supposed to have the nomination for the asking.

Make no mistake where this is heading, and should head. There is no way not to have the federal government take a most serious look at the handling of classified and sensitive information that was sent and viewed while Clinton was serving in the Obama Administration.

That will not make it easier for my side to win the race in 2016, but it is more important to have a sensible and mandated way that information is treated at the top levels of government. It must not be allowed that those who have a whim to do something else get to set the rules.

With the Clintons it always comes back to the rules they think they need not abide under. That makes a problem not only for them, but the party.

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  1. tom permalink
    August 12, 2015 5:40 PM

    Shocker? No. This is just how the Clinton’s operate–lie, evade, stall, lie. I’m up for a full prosecution. Perhaps they could get John Chisolm on it?

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