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I Speak Out For Madison Police In This Week’s Isthmus

August 13, 2015

It is not everyday that one sees their name as the lead words in a first paragraph of a news story. (In the actual Isthmus newspaper my name is in large green font.)

Two months ago I was interviewed by Nathan Comp for an article on police matters in Madison as we sat on my front lawn looking out over Lake Monona.  Though I was not quoted much for the piece (though we spoke for 40 minutes) I am glad to have offered my voice for the Madison police who–as I stated–have a right to go home safely to their families at the end of the work day.

There are too many guns on the street carried by anyone with a whim and the men and women in blue have a much harder job to do today than ever before. Too few ponder the larger concerns facing our police.

The easy part is to grumble and offer an opinion on every facet of police work.  While it is clearly our right to do so I firmly believe that the vast majority of officers in Madison are just the type we would want to have at our dinner table or banter about sports and the weather over the backyard fence.  The idea they are somehow bent on harming those they are responsible for protecting is simply ludicrous.

We have allowed the louder voices to be heard in protest marches and it might seem that there is no other point of view requiring a headline.  But as I talk to people in the city–and especially in my neighborhood–I strongly sense a firm foundation of support for the police.  To pretend, as some would wish us to believe, that this city is somehow akin to a Ferguson type environment is just malarkey.

It is important for good people with common sense to make their voices heard when it comes to our local police.  After all, the police protect you and me.  They even protect those who detest them.

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