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Hillary Clinton Can Not Get Past Her Weaknesses

August 16, 2015

No one needs to doubt as to why some in the Democratic Party continue to worry about the foundational problems that surround Hillary Clinton and her campaign for the party nomination.  As I spoke this weekend to a long-time Democrat who had considered Clinton as a possible candidate for the fall 2016 election there is now just a high level of frustration over a campaign that seems mired in the same old problems that always surround the Clintons.

First, there is never any way to get past the fear that somewhere out there is another issue that will surface which will dominate the headlines and hurt the party.    The second reason my friend has deep concerns is that once again the Clintons resort to the bunker mentality of politics.  My personal issue with the Clintons are the rules they make up that apply only to themselves.  They have been mighty successful so far, but I think the tide is turning

While it is true that conservatives like to target the Clintons it is also true that the Clintons are often their own worst enemies.  The total fiasco with the email server from the time it was installed to the lack of candor and the wait before that server was turned over is proof that no one in the party can be sure what is the next problem that will surface.   How Clinton dealt with the server and the political issues surrounding it creates the very type of perception problems that make voters leery.

These concerns along with Clinton not being more agile on her feet with a strong and vocal segment of the party who is giving Bernie Sanders standing room only appearances makes Democrats nervous and in search of others to enter the race.

It is not where Clinton thought she would be in August 2015.  But here she is.

The question is not so much what will she do about the matter but what will the party do in order to win in 2016.

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