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Underscoring GOP Concerns About Election Defeat At The Hands Of Donald Trump

August 18, 2015

From ABC’s Ezra Klein.     (Yesterday I posted my views on the crazy time in the GOP campaign for the White House.)

Policy Trump is a more potent and dangerous version of the original Donald. His announcement of an immigration plan has (again) reordered the politics of the issue, with a series of hardline stances that are putting things back in the mix that had been set aside for months. His proposal to end automatic birthright citizenship — something guaranteed by the Constitution – has no realistic show at happening. Yet Scott Walker came out in favor of it in Trump’s wake. Trump’s plan for deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants may bring back GOP nightmares about Mitt Romney. But it’s now going to be a measuring stick for primary voters. (How will he find them all? “It’s going to be very easy,” Trump told ABC News outside his jury duty assignment.) Ditto Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico, which the other candidates might oppose on policy or fiscal grounds, even as Trump promises to send Mexico the bills.

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