Another Book Review For “Walking Up The Ramp”

I keep receiving personal notes and quick reviews about my book Walking Up The Ramp. I am genuinely touched by the words of kindness and always delighted when folks have discussions about themes that run throughout the 293 pages.

These words came from Kirsten Belh.

So I ended up reading the Amazon excerpt from Gregory’s book, loved it, and bought it a while ago. I’ve only read the first chapter so far (life caught up with me), but my 11 year old saw it by my bedside tonight and asked what “walking up the ramp” meant. I had no clue prior to reading the book, and anyway, it launched into a great discussion of the radio of bygone days versus the radio programs of today.

He asked tons of technical questions that probably only Gregory could answer, but overall he was enraged at today’s radio shortcuts and ‘prepackaged’ programming, calling today’s radio stations “cheapsters!” Lol.

I’ve not read a lot of Garrison Keillor, but that is who came to mind as I read Gregory’s first chapter. It was like a warm cup of tea…

Jimmy Carter Fighting His Cancer After Fearing He Had Only Weeks To Live

Former President Jimmy Carter has all of America supporting and praying for him at he battles cancer in four parts of his brain.

“I’ve had a wonderful life,” Carter said, adding that he’s thankful for his deep religious faith and remains hopeful. His first brain treatment is this afternoon.

“The rest of my plans will be determined by my consultations with the doctors,” he said at a news conference today at the Carter Center in Georgia.

He originally thought he would only live for a few weeks when he received the diagnosis of cancer in his brain, but now hopes to keep up with his work as much as he can in the time to come.

He said he hopes to eradicate the guinea worm disease — something he’s spent decades helping to eradicate and used to affect millions — before he dies.

The doctors believe they removed all of the cancer from his liver — taking about 10 percent from his liver, he said.

“I’m ready for a new adventure,” Carter said.