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Tom Brokaw Nails The Truth About Donald Trump’s Downfall

August 21, 2015

I have been as flummoxed as every other political observer over the rise of Donald Trump and his ability to stay at the top of polls in state after state.   And Like many others I subscribe to some rules of the road that exist in politics just like gravity controls where an apple lands when it falls.   The middle holds–the establishment prevails, etc.  I  still believe that people–for whatever they bluster during a campaign season–take their vote seriously and want a serious president.  They will never cast a winning vote in the general election for someone who can not fulfill the duties of the Oval Office.

In other words Donald Trump can never win the White House.

Still I am totally amazed and admittedly upset at times as I watch this Trump drama unfold that someone with no policy credentials to his name can land at the top of the polls.  As such I read a lot and try to better understand what is happening.  I can not say any of it makes sense even weeks into this chaos.   (So people are angry about government.  Do something productive instead of applauding a buffoon.)  I just can not get my head around what makes for headlines these days.

Which leads me to the following.

It took me all the way to the end of a very long (and great) article this morning to land upon the words in the final paragraphs from former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw.

“In politics, particularly presidential races, my oft repeated mantra is the UFO rule. At some point, the unforeseen will occur,” Tom Brokaw, the veteran NBC News anchor who has covered presidential elections dating back to Johnson vs. Goldwater.  

“Gary Hart and Monkey Business, Dukakis failing to defend Kitty, Bush 41 and the Perot factor. What the UFO will be this time, I don’t know yet, but there will be one — and not just for Trump,” he said. “All the candidates in both parties are vulnerable.”

We know it is coming and for Trump deservedly so. 

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  1. August 23, 2015 7:38 PM

    The Donald is the Republican party’s id. He’s valuable in that he actually says what the rest of the Klown Kar only thinks (if you call it thinking). I think the best outcome would be a Trump/Sanders race–it would force us to make a choice about who we really are, and the Kochs wouldn’t even get a seat at the table.

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