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Joe Biden Can Save Democratic Party In 2016

August 25, 2015

I like Joe Biden. Always have.

In August 2008 I wrote the following about Biden.

I have long thought Senator Joe Biden to be a smart and capable man.   In 1987 I supported him financially when he sought the Democratic Party nomination for the White House.  One can never forget his earnestness in fighting the atrocities that were taking place in the Balkans, or his great work on the Judiciary Committee in stopping Robert Bork from getting to the Supreme Court.  His background and breadth of knowledge on international issues makes him a seasoned and remarkable public servant.  Now the latest information in the news makes Biden seem to be the likely pick of Barack Obama as the V.P. nominee.  I will be wildly delighted it this finally happens.

I supported Biden’s efforts in the past to run for the White House as I admire his brand of Democratic politics. He is the type of Democrat I grew up with as a teenager and the type that best speaks to the needs of the nation.

I was very pleased with the way the White House made their blessings known about Biden through the president’s spokesman. There is no way to know how much more political harm will await Hillary Clinton over the email mess—a mess made of her own flaunting of the rules and her inability to set the record straight with the facts—and that is why the White House is getting the trains assembled for a possible campaign by the vice-president.

I am most pleased with how this is all taking place. Let the facts surrounding Hillary set the timetable for Biden to enter the race.

Today the Washington Post had a must read about why Biden would be the best general election candidate. Given the level of crazy coming from the GOP there is every reason for Biden to be expecting good things should a matchup of this type take place.

Biden is what Trump pretends to be: a garrulous, blunt, down-to-earth guy who loves politics and people and tells it like it is, sometimes to a fault. He’s even got that weird hair thing going.

The difference is that Biden is the real deal. He has a lifetime of public service to back up his blarney and braggadocio. He has been in the arena of public policy nearly his whole life, serving the public while Trump was squiring around movie stars, navigating four of his companies through bankruptcy, and flaunting his billionaire lifestyle.

Trump’s weaknesses become clear when he’s compared to Biden, in a way that is less true with most of the Republican candidates or Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. To many Americans, these other candidates represent the double-speak and insincerity of modern politics. Biden is a throwback to a different campaign era.

Biden has one more trait that distinguishes him from the glib and bullying Trump. He is a man with a moral center that was forged in two great personal tragedies—the death in a car wreck of his first wife and one-year-old daughter in 1972, and the loss of his son Beau to brain cancer this year. He bore both tragedies nobly, in a way that inspired his colleagues and the country.

The qualities that make Biden admirable can be summed up in the sentences that Matt Damon’s character speaks at the end of “Saving Private Ryan,” to express what he hopes he has accomplished: “Tell me I have led a good life….Tell me I’m a good man.” Few of us would measure up to that standard, but I suspect most us would say that Biden does, and Trump doesn’t.

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