Sometimes It Only Takes A Political Cartoon To Say It All


Conservatives Follow What They Are Told

Get in a line.  Shut down your brain.  Never question anything.  Now turn on conservative talk radio for directions on what you need to do.

And if you’re someone who listens to a lot of talk radio, you can go from Ingraham to Limbaugh to Hannity or Savage to Levin in a day and hear nary a word of displeasure with Trump.  (Does this not say everything that needs saying about the intellectual heft of conservative talk radio?)

“I liken the bond between hosts and their listeners to a friendship,” said Brian Rosenwald, a University of Pennsylvania professor who has studied conservative talk radio. “Politically, the result of this bond is that when hosts talk to listeners about a candidate or bill it’s like having your brother-in-law or best friend tell you about the candidate or bill.”

Though many hosts have avoided a formal endorsement, they’ve heaped praise on the candidate and signaled to their listeners that Trump is their guy.