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Madison’s Brenda Konkel Goes Off The Rails

September 4, 2015

It just never fails to amuse me how those who think they work for the best interests of the homeless also seem to work overtime to piss the rest of the city off to no end.

The latest example comes from former alder Brenda Konkel, who posted this nugget on her Facebook page.

Wow. Holiday weekend coming up – makes it very hard for people without homes who are stressing about not being with families and loved ones – no services open this weekend, no day center, no library for most of the time, and their space will be invaded by Taste of Madison. You can see it causing alot of stress for people on the streets. Stress = more drinking. Stress = more anger and (verbal) fighting. Stress = exacerbation of mental wellness challenges. It’s been hard to sleep in this hot weather, and people are not taking it well. It’s going to be a difficult weekend for many. I can hear it outside my window already. frown emoticon frown emoticon

So let me get this straight.

THEIR space will be invaded by Taste of Madison!!  Yeah it is real sickening shame when the workers and taxpayers want to come downtown and enjoy the city they pay for.

What in hell is wrong with Konkel?

In yet anther out of touch rant she continues to undermine the rank-and-file who she needs as allies in her quest to feed the homeless. house them, and wash away their addictions.

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