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Bishop Morlino Needs To Read “Letter From The Vatican”

September 7, 2015

There is no reason to repeat all the reasons that Bishop Morlino is a stain on the Catholic Church. Thankfully it seems his era is passing away.  In fact I have 20 reasons why he is not a proper fit for our region of the state.  He is clearly not with the mindset of Pope Francis and the sooner Morlino is sent to some off to some resort for the used up and has-been crowd the better it will be for all.  Throw in a couple cabana boys and all should be fine.

Clearly I have no time for Morlino or the antics he has pulled over the years.

Which brings me to the must-read 10-pages from The New Yorker titled “Letter From The Vatican” There is just no way to read this article and not think about Bishop Morlino.    There is also no way to think about Pope Francis and not feel that Morlino would never have been named bishop under his watch.

The line that reaches out and should smack Morlino across his vestments that seem to need to get larger and larger each year is the following.

“John Paul II, troubled that so many American Catholics disagreed with the Church on matters of sexual morality, took pains to appoint bishops who adhered to the orthodox line on moral and sexual issues. And so although American Catholics are among the world’s most liberal, some of the bishops who represent them … likely oppose most reforms. Francis has carefully avoided taking sides in the debate but has appeared to tip his hand by, for example, referring to Communion as ‘not a reward for the perfect but a medicine for the sick.’ …

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