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Orange Blossom Special Train Made The News

September 7, 2015

Long-time readers and those who know me well will understand why this line from an article in today’s newspaper leapt off the page and onto my blog.

Mr. Campos’s scheme began several years after Mrs. Bush died in 1992, when he told the Bushes that he had come up with a novel way of honoring her — with a small museum, in her name, within the train station here, where she had once arrived on the passenger train the Orange Blossom Special. For funding, he turned to the new Republican administration in Tallahassee, headed by Jeb Bush, Mrs. Bush’s grandson.

The larger story relates to a less-than-honest person who used the Bush family for his own underhanded purposes.

But the purpose of this post is to highlight what is one of the classic trains that made for not only American history but also a most memorable song that still resonates among fans of classic country music.  I am not at all sure how long ago it has been since the mention of this train made for mainstream media attention.    I did not know until today that Dorothy Bush, mother of President Bush (41), rode the train.

This is after all the song that is often referred to as “the fiddle player’s national anthem”.


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