Scott Walker Becoming An Asterisk

There is no escaping the fact Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker overshot his skillset when he decided to seek the Republican Party nomination for president.  Even for staunch conservatives there is no way to talk away the blunders and obvious missteps that have dogged his campaign.  While Walker may have taken off like a rocket in January we all know from our own fun with fireworks in the back yard that none of them last very long.

While many of us differ greatly with the policy ideas Walker has implemented in the state most would also have to admit he is a pretty good politician.  Which is why we are now somewhat surprised to see how inept Walker is on the national stage while at the same time relishing the downward spiral he has created for himself.

I have often stated while Walker has political skills he does not have the mental curiosity about the complex issues of the day to be president.  Add that to the long list of Walker’s woes from the campaign trial and it is surprising perhaps that he is even at 3% in the latest Monmouth University national poll.

This weekend the first in the nation caucus state of Iowa again weighed into the mix about which candidates are making an impression on the voters.  According to the Des Moines Register that list does not include Walker.

Aside from Trump, the three candidates are best positioned to find lanes in Iowa, poll shows,” by Jennifer Jacobs: “A new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll found the most dominant ‘lane’ in the caucus going Republican electorate is made up of Christian conservatives (39 percent), followed by business-oriented establishment types (22 percent), tea partiers (21 percent) and liberty movement followers (8 percent).

It should be noted the only lane that Walker even registers in is the Christian conservative one and then he comes in a distant fourth place–six percent behind even Donald Trump when it comes to Bible-thumpers.  That must really hurt when you are the son of a minister.

Percentage of electorate: 39 percent. … Whose natural lane is this? Carson, Huckabee, Jindal and Santorum. … Who’s doing best with these voters? Carson, 38 percent; Trump, 24 percent; Cruz, 21 percent; Walker, 18 percent.

Meanwhile on Sunday’s Face The Nation Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent for Slate Magazine and Ben Domenech the publisher of The Federalist gave scant attention to Walker, and what they did offer was not anything that his campaign could applaud about.

BOUIE: And of those people, like I said earlier, I think Rubio’s the one who is going to potentially do best. Scott Walker — it’s really striking to see how much Trump has completely demolished Scott Walker’s standing in Iowa and New Hampshire and nationally.

Six months ago, we were all talking about Scott Walker as someone who was going to be the alternative to Bush or the alternative to Rubio, but it looks like he’s diminished from the field.

DOMENECH: And I think that’s in part because he’s just not a compelling candidate when he’s out there.

As long as there are donors who retain enough faith that there is a still a viable path forward Walker will keep talking at diners and tripping over his statements to the press.  But there will come a time when the plea for cash from the campaign will be met with silence from those who once were pumping up Walker to do battle.  There is a day coming when all that will be left of the Walker campaign is the asterisk in some future book that will be penned by a political reporter.

It must sting Walker to hear national reporters use the word “implode” as was done this weekend on Meet The Press when describing what is happening to his campaign.  While we can and should respect the idea of people running for public office we also can take pleasure in knowing that Walker who has done so much to undermine our state will not have the opportunity to do that to the entire nation.

3 thoughts on “Scott Walker Becoming An Asterisk

  1. While few really believe he had a chance, as the way the American system works EVERYONE has the right to be president. While he may not become president the great news for the state of Wisconsin is he will still be governor and Democrats still have no one capable of beating him.

  2. pk,

    You might start to ponder the great dislike from all sectors of the electorate concerning the last state budget. You might ponder the deep slide that independent-leaning Republicans have taken regarding their support for Walker and then also how his own party at the statehouse has not walked in concert with him this year and took a mighty dim view of how he portrayed them while on the campaign trail.

    Finally you have forgotten the very first rule of politics. A day is a lifetime in politics and the next election for governor is over three years away!! Do not use up all your savings on any bets politically you might make.

  3. tom

    While Walker has made some potentially fatal errors in this campaign, there is still a lot of time before anything is settled. There is lots of room for growth, especially when trump implodes–as I hope he does.

    This being said, Walker will still enjoy a highly favorable position in Wisconsin if he chooses to run for Gov. again. Despite what the pundits say, the data on the state in terms of taxes and employment is very good in comparison to the dark, dark Doyle years. Additionally, there is no evidence of anyone on the Democratic side remotely capable of making a serious bid for the office at this point–three years away. Very few Democrats hold any leadership positions and the majority are completely unknown. What are they going to do, run Barrett? The Trek lady who nobody even remembers now?

    That Republicans have acted independently of Walker only demonstrates their leadership potential and puts them in position to run should Walker seek employment outside Wisconsin after the primaries.

    In non-presidential years, Wisconsin is not a swing state.

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