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Best Lead Paragraph In Monday Newspapers

September 14, 2015

No other line for an opening paragraph in today’s newspapers can rival this one.

September will not be the month House Speaker John Boehner gives up smoking.

There is no way I would want the job or stress that Boehner faces in the weeks and months to come.  There is no way I would not at once jettison the chamber that is more committed to driving the nation into the ditch than governing.   I would retire to a beachfront home and get a glass of wine and read in the sun and let the knuckle-draggers spin and slime away in the muck which they have created.

I have long been of the view Boehner could have been a great speaker as he wants to move the trains on time.  He could have worked out compromises with the White House had there not been a continuous narcissistic band of loud-mouths from the far-right threatening his every move.   Those deadweights on the party are more interested in the sound of their shouts and blather than the well being of the nation.

For that reason alone I hope Boehner comes to peace within himself and tells the conservative jackasses to go to hell and takes off for his time in the sun.  I would be happy to share my reading list with him.

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  1. September 15, 2015 8:36 AM

    A reference to Lloyd Bridges’ character as an air traffic controller in the movie Airplane! As disasters mount, he declares that it was not a good time to give up huffing glue.

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