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Syrian Refugees And Way To Reduce Security Threats

September 16, 2015

Like so many others around the world my interest in the refugee crisis is one filled with concerns about making sure they are allowed access to safe places to live.  I am also stunned by the lack of deeper thought from those who harbor resentments and too few facts about the men and women and children fleeing the war torn nation of Syria.  By acting humanely we can make differences now and for the future.

The key is to first act with compassion and in so doing let that be the catalyst for a foundation for those who seek a new beginning.

Refugees present a low threat. Operating as though all refugees are a security risk is counterproductive and runs the risk of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Security measures that deny refugees their dignity are more likely to foster extremism and violent tendencies because they increase refugees’ grievances against host governments and contribute to their sense of alienation. A study of Somali refugees in Yemen, for example, found that refugees who were mistreated by their teachers in Yemeni schools were more likely to join al Qaeda. A less securitized approach to the treatment of refugees is more likely to keep the threat of militarization and radicalization at bay.

Without this change in attitude toward Syrians in their host countries in the Middle East or new homes in the West, countries could end up creating precisely the problem they are hoping to avoid.

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