Madison Alder Marsha Rummel Dithers Over Lights On Bike Path After Violent Rape Case

Within just blocks of where I reside a most horrible crime was committed. The violent beating and rape of a woman took place on a bike path–a portion that was not lighted and was surrounded by high weeds.  The local police have stated this was the worst such case of rape in decades and the intent was to have killed the victim.  News reports have noted the number of future surgeries that the victim will need to undergo.

In other words hell opened up and this woman will continue to live the horror.

When discussing this matter with out-of-state residents recently it was noted that if this had happened where they live matters would have moved quickly with the local government making sure the underbrush was cleared and the path well lit.  I can only think that if this had happened in any other section of the city (God forbid) that the alderperson of that area would call immediately for the placement of lights on the darkened area.

But that has not been the case when it comes to local Alderwoman Marsha Rummel.

Why the reticence in leadership on a matter that impacts the whole city as the bike path is not just used by the local neighborhood is a mystery that must not be allowed to linger.   There now needs to be a loud  and sustained demand from the public–weeks after the violent crime–to demand that lights he placed on the path.  I would hate to think that the fringe element that somehow thinks protecting women from such crimes would add to light pollution–only something that a small befuddled segment of Madison’s near east side could concoct–has gotten Rummel’s’ attention.

This issue should never have been allowed to fester.  It should have been corrected at once.  I strongly suspect that other alders in this city would have had the matter in hand within 48 hours.  They would have contacted the mayor’s office and the department heads needed to affect change.

But then other alders in Madison care less about dithering than Marsha Rummel.   They know how to act for the constituents they serve.

Perhaps we can again have an alder like that, too.

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