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High Tides Possible World-Wide From Supermoon

September 28, 2015

If you are like me there is still a smile on your face from the amazing night-time sky last evening.  James and I watched the event from the top of Monona Terrace on Madison’s isthmus.  There was a haunting beauty to the red moon at the height of the show.  Leading up to that moment Lake Monona shimmered and glittered with light on the soft waves as the moon reflected off the water.

Today I read something most interesting about the tides that many in the world can or are experiencing as result of the supermoon and lunar eclipse taking place.

The phenomenon will have a dramatic effect on the Earth’s tides, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Linda Libby.

“For a couple of days after this moon we’re looking at the highest tides for 2015 and, in fact, probably for another 18 years,” she said. “We’re also looking at some of the lowest tides of the year at the same time.”

Libby said the tides could cause some local flooding — especially around the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin areas, but she said major flooding isn’t expected because there aren’t any storms in the forecast.

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