Update On Dennis Hastert And High School Sex Play

When we last left the story about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert a grand jury had indicted him on two felony counts in May, alleging that he agreed to pay a longtime acquaintance identified as “individual A” $3.5 million to compensate for and conceal past misconduct. The indictment did not say what the misconduct was, but published reports citing anonymous sources have said it was sexual in nature and involved a former student at the Yorkville, Ill. high school where Hastert worked as a teacher and wrestling coach before entering politics.

Today we learn that there are plea negotiations underway with federal prosecutors in an effort to resolve criminal charges that he allegedly illegally structured bank withdrawals, and lied to the FBI about a plan to pay $3.5 million to a longtime associate in connection with past misconduct.  This came to light at a hearing in federal court in Chicago, where U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Durkin pressed the two sides to explain in more detail why they were seeking a third extension of deadlines for pretrial motions in the case. Both sides then revealed that plea talks were underway.

And so it goes…..and CP will continue to follow as events unfold.

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