(More) Ben Carson Political Cartoons

There is no end to the work that Ben Carson has provided for political cartoonists.  What a fool to think that no government experience and a disdain for serious policy credentials should then just land you in the most important executive position in the nation!  See more Carson cartoons here.

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Ben Carson Political Cartoons

Ben Carson is the most unqualified  person running for the Republican nomination. That is a staggering thing to ponder given the make-up of the 2016 crowd.  But it is true.  Ben Carson is simply pathetic, and his followers are pathetically simpleSee more Carson cartoons here.

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Do This Today!

To all my readers—as we will soon change times on our clocks (tonight) I have one more thing to ask of you.

This is a great time to check and better yet change all the batteries in the smoke alarms. James and I have just completed that task and you should–for safety’s sake–do the same.

Movies To Watch As Fall Weather Takes Hold

James and I love movies, but often in the summer it is hard to be indoors late at night as we go for walks and spend lots of time outdoors.  But when the fall leaves drift about in the chilling fall air we often find ourselves watching film.  Our recent seasonal journey into cinema have included several which I really want to praise and give promotion to so others can enjoy them.

Simply one of the best film I have seen in a long time was sitting down to Eve’s Bayou.

A film about writers, and writing.

A film about growing older and the loss of memory.

An artsy type film about the early years of Abraham Lincoln.


Elvis Shakes The World With Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Time to lighten the mood, given that it is Friday, and the weekend beckons.

How about powerful Elvis vocal performances with brand-new orchestral accompaniment from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra all contained in a new CD?  The reviews have been stunning.

“This would be a dream come true for Elvis.” – Priscilla Presley

“This fall, the King is getting the royal treatment.” – Wall Street Journal

“…the new album offers an epic twist on 14 of Presley’s memorable performances.” – People

“…the King’s music is taking on a new life…” – Huffington Post Live

“…one of the most recognizable voices of the past half-century with classical arrangements…” – Rolling Stone

Listen for yourself.



One Paragraph That Right-Wingers Need To Grasp

There is no way I would want to be in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s shoes.  He does not have a smooth walk ahead.  But that is not due to his lack of skill or intellect.  Rather it has to do with the rabble that he has to deal with in his caucus and also from those around the nation who only have strife as a goal.  Today The Wall Street Journal had a great lead editorial that included this paragraph.

One problem is that the conservative movement has created a new establishment of permanent opposition. This includes groups like Heritage Action and the Senate Conservatives Fund whose fund-raising depends on feeding perpetual grassroots outrage. They’re willing to flip-flop on such traditional conservative positions as freer trade merely because Mr. Obama supports it. And partial policy victories are never enough. This will also make it harder for a consistent conservative like Mr. Ryan to keep a majority of 218 Republicans.

President Obama Made History Today When He Woke Up

This is a weird piece of presidential trivia.

The fact that Barack Obama woke up today marks a major historical milestone—yet it’s likely to go largely unnoticed. It’s now been 18,967 days since a US president died in office. That means the nation has now entered its longest period without losing a president to an assassin or illness.

This record reflects dramatic advances in medical science and the increasing sophistication of presidential security—the occasional White House fence-jumper notwithstanding. The previous record was 18,966 days, running from George Washington’s inauguration on April 30, 1789 to William Henry Harrison’s death by pneumonia on April 4, 1841.


The frequency of presidential deaths even gave rise to a superstition known as Tecumseh’s Curse. Legend has it that Harrison, at the time the governor of the Indiana Territory, triggered the curse when he put down a Native American resistance to US westward expansion in 1811. Tecumseh, a leader of the Shawnee tribe, was rumored to have taken revenge on Harrison by dooming the nation to lose every future president elected in a year ending in zero. Harrison, elected in 1840, succumbed to complications from pneumonia just 32 days into his term and may be best remembered for refusing to wear a coat at his inauguration. The streak held all the way to either Ronald Reagan, who was elected in 1980 and survived John Hinckley’s assassination attempt, or George W. Bush, elected in 2000, depending on who you ask.

The Last Acts Of House Speaker John Boehner

After Congressman Paul Ryan was sworn in as House Speaker the outgoing head of the chamber, John Boehner, submitted his letters of resignation.

The first letter will be sent to Governor Kasich, and the second letter was delivered to Speaker Ryan. The letters informed them that he will resign his congressional seat effective  at 11:59 p.m., Saturday.

This afternoon Boehner will exit interviews with Bill Hemmer of FOX and Dana Bash for CNN’s State of the Union.

On Friday afternoon, he will fly home to Ohio and then I hope soon will find his way to the sunshine of Florida and a stack of good books to read.

Meanwhile Ryan will start a job that will eat him alive and wish he had never entertained the idea of even running for congress.  There is no way–at this time–to unite a most fractured and unmanageable Republican Caucus that is far too often hell-bent on not only stopping government from operating but also undermining their own ability to function as a political party.