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Ben Carson Fondly Recalls Taunting Police

October 1, 2015

This is yet another reason why Ben Carson is not suited to the national stage of presidential politics.  At a time when the call for a better understanding between police and people of color is happening there now comes the following recollections from someone who wants to lead the nation.

I truly think we need to have a more sober conversation from those who wish to lead our nation.

I have no way to explain or understand why Carson has the place in the national polls he now enjoys.  Once the real campaign season begins and the votes are cast he will disappear as he has no reasonable answers to the policy needs of the country.  Between castigating those of the Islamic faith and then tossing out jokes like he did regarding police sends a message that Carson is not as serious as he would like to make himself appear.

Ben Carson joked that while growing up on Detroit he had fun taunting police officers “back in the day, before they would shoot you,” MSNBC reports.

Carson said he and his friends would throw rocks at cars which he joked “everybody did … because it was so much fun.”

When cops came, “always in unmarked cars, they’d be chasing us across the field and they would think they trapped us” at 10-feet-tall fences. But the cops “had no idea how adept we were at getting over those fences.”

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