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Grudging Respect For Congressman Jason Chaffetz

October 6, 2015

There are probably only a very small handful of issues where I agree with Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz.  I could not even say what they might be at this time, but the odds are that at some point on some issues we agree.

But having said that I think it important to give a tip of the hat to his candidacy for speaker of the house.  Even though I think he would be a wrong choice for the institution and would do nothing to advance the degree of compromise and cooperation that is required in congress I still think his effort to just be a part of the contest for election to the speakership should be appreciated.    At a time when too many are timid to try in the face of the long odds at winning he stepped up and threw his hat into the ring.

In politics that counts for a lot, and earns some attention, even on a  blog written by a decades long liberal.

Chaffetz even knows he will likely fail.  “I’m probably going to lose, but I’m okay with that.”

That’s a pretty surprising admission from someone who just announced they were running.  But again I applaud the effort.

Everything will come to a head (sort of) Thursday going into the closed-door speaker elections.  But the real test is when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s speakership is put to the entire House floor, where he needs 218 votes to win.

I think McCarthy will prevail.  While he is not ideal he will be a better fit for the position than Chaffetz who has too many crazed conservative ideas that must not be allowed more space for them to be played out.

Still he should be recognized for trying in the face of defeat.

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