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Helicopter Parents At UW-La Crosse

October 6, 2015

As I read the newspaper article today about the uproar coming from the UW-La Crosse my mind raced to the famous segment of the film When Harry Met Sally.  I wonder specifically how did some of the parents of those now enrolled at UW- La Crosse explain that one to their youngsters when it was played on television or commented about in comedy routines?

The strange story results from a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse dorm director who apparently offended some people over an email tutoring men how to help women overcome what the message called an “orgasm deficit”.  It seems hardly enough of a story to get a blurb in any newspaper let alone a long column on page three of my Wisconsin State Journal.  I simply am having trouble seeing what it is that makes this worthy of any attention.

What really tripped my trigger–and no pun intended here–was the report that while the email did not faze some students it apparently left others feeling offended.   Then there came this nugget “and some parents called Legiste’s (the writer of the email) supervisors with strong objections.”


Parents of adult college students are calling the university to object to an email about human sexuality that might somehow–and I fail to even know what comes next–terrorize, illuminate, mar or in some way harm their child for the future in the bedroom?  Who are these parents who think their child would be harmed by the email?  ‘Children’ who are now adults at a university and statistics show the majority to be already sexually active.

At a time when male erection problems are the stuff that makes for many a television commensal the idea that promoting how a woman might repeat a Meg Ryan moment is just over the top.  That is really something that should trouble all of us.   The lack of honesty over how we deal with sexuality in 2015 is as much a mystery to me as the point of the email.

But the fact parents are calling the UW must make some of their adult children walking the campus wonder if they also need an underwear check-up.  After all college is about opening new horizons and broadening thinking skills.  If one is never to be offended–and I can not really think what happened was offensive–then there is never going to be a good time for a deeper education.  The offended  kids might as well return home and learn nothing about the world around them.

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  1. tom permalink
    October 6, 2015 7:46 PM

    This is a culture of invented offense–the victim culture where people must now air their wounds (usually imagined) in public. I thought you kept up on this stuff.

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