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Hillary Clinton’s Problem And Tonight’s Debate

October 13, 2015

The email server mess is problem that was created by Hillary Clinton.  The fact that it continues to dog her month after month is also one that she and the campaign allowed to happen as they did not put everything there was to know about the issue out front and center.  Therefore the drip, drip, drip is harming her in the polls.  But as Clinton knows full well from a conversation she had with a supporter the email server problem is also eating into her ability to talk about the issues that this nation needs to deal with.  The issues a candidate for president needs to get traction with if there is be a victory.

“I am having two problems,” she bluntly told the supporter at a social event. “On the one hand, I feel like I’m rolling out a lot of substantive programs on issues that people care about. We’re getting one day’s news coverage. But there’s nothing larger knitting it together. We’re not breaking through. … And my team needs to get their act together on the email response.”

Tonight at the debate Clinton will have a chance to move the ball down the field if she so choses and show that she can not only win the nomination but lead the nation if elected.  She needs to show that she truly understands the positon she is in due to the email server.  She needs to take full responsibility with gut feelings and not some trite lines about being sorry.   She needs to address for Democrats wanting to retain the White House that she understands why her campaign suffers and demonstrate she plans to make sure we are not talking about this every time there is a debate.

This should be the moment Clinton takes control of her campaign.   It needs to happen in Las Vegas on the stage during the debate.

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