What We Learned From The Democratic Debate

A Donald Trump-less debate is a smarter debate.

Do I need to say more?

2 thoughts on “What We Learned From The Democratic Debate

  1. tom

    Well, I would agree that it seemed more substantive, but very angry as well. (Someone needs to tell Bernie to stop yelling at everyone)

    This being said, I would note that the questions being asked were wholly different. During the Republican debates, an abnormal number of questions were to Trump, about Trump, or in response to Trump. This is disturbing since Trump is entirely a media creation. So I can’t fault the Republicans here, and neither should you. Blame the media.

  2. I to some degree agree with you about the media’s role in furthering Trump. I think that the Cronkites and Brinkleys of the past decades in news would have handled this much differently and made it more about substance than allowing style and outrageous comments getting the headlines. I however think that when the GOP establishment had the chance to shut down Trump when it came to the birther stuff and sent him off to the land of discontents from which he came and did not they then created part of the story they have to deal with. They thought at the time they could control the crazy element. Look at the latest polls from SC and Nev and Trump is on the mid-30’s. That is a legitimate news story to report but we agree that had the media not allowed this huckster so much free media at the start there would not now be these poll results.

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