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Sir Hugo Drax Deserves Your Attention

October 15, 2015

Are you tired of Donald Trump?  President Putin?

Then turn your attention to Sir Hugo Drax and the Moonraker missile project.

Yesterday was a long bone-tiring type of day and yet when it was time to go to sleep–and I surely should have–I instead turned on the light and opened the pages to find out what happens next in the Ian Fleming drama.  Sure I have seen the film–in fact all of the James Bond releases–and read these books as a teenager–but there is still a genuine thrill to the adventure that plays out as Bond works to thwart the ruthless and sinister criminal element from playing havoc with the world.

There are always enough real headlines that never seen to find a solution but with Bond we always know there is a moment of reckoning for the evil forces in the world.  I do love that.  Even when I am so tired that the pillow speaks to me.  But I instead found myself turning the pages last night.



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