Democratic Party Now Needs To Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

There is no joy for those of us who know how decent, smart, and dedicated Vice-President Joe Biden is and how so faithfully he has served his country.  He would have made a great leader and one who would have connected in truly human ways with so many of our fellow citizens.  The announcement today that he will not be a candidate for the nomination was a wise one given the time and pace of the presidential race.  It was a decision that was rooted in reality.

And reality is now where the entire Democratic Party needs to head.

As many know the electoral college is aligned very much for a Democratic win in 2016.  The Republicans are in total disarray in Congress and there is not one single establishment candidate among their presidential contenders who can even break into double digits.  The presidential candidates who peak in poll after poll are simply the crazy wild-eyed ones who will lash out at women, Hispanics, and Muslims and then think they have any chance at a general election victory.  Clearly there are more people who never took the time to study political history then we care to think about.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton made a most convincing debate performance but what so many of my fellow Democrats wish not to grasp is that her numbers are contingent on what the FBI will report when they have finished with their investigation into her email mess.  A mess that I have repeatedly stated was one that never should have happened in the first place, and secondly has been grossly mishandled by both Clinton and her campaign.  There is no glee here about what she did, or how she has handled the affair.

I am a liberal Democrat–but a thinking liberal Democrat.

So as much as I see issues that are troubling to her politically I am also well aware of the national issues that need to be focused on in this election.  There are reasons galore to talk about wage growth and college tuition payments.  We need to talk about the huge numbers of people incarcerated in prisons.  We need to address the issues of gun violence and the degree to which some partisans are using voting laws to marginalize certain demographics from undertaking their constitutional rights.

Add the whole long list of international issues to those above–including why the pivot to Southeast Asia as an area of focus is so vital–and it is more than apparent a  Democratic White House victory is simply the number one item on the agenda.

Many are convinced that Bernie Sanders is the perfect candidate for the mood of today’s electorate.  In some places that might be true–such as on the portion of the Madison  isthmus where I reside.  But Sanders is not electable as a national candidate and can be nothing more than a useful debate tool for Clinton to use.  I am not being snide or disrespectful to Sanders who does raise very credible issues that speaks to the very fabric of our democracy.   But Sanders is just not able to win in 2016.

And Democrats must win.

I am now needing to have faith that Clinton will be the best candidate–and willing to give her the chance.  She can become our nation’s first female president.

If anyone doubts my insistence that she prevail only need to look at the four oldest members of the Supreme Court and tell me that a Republican should name their replacements.

It is time for others who like me wished for Biden to enter the race to now come together and work for a smashing victory in 2016.  The odds are with us–we now just need to make it happen.

5 thoughts on “Democratic Party Now Needs To Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

  1. Steve Watson

    Have we sunk so low that this is the best we can offer? Does integrity mean nothing? She has a lot of questions to answer before I could vote for her. Anybody that runs a charitable organization that keeps 90 percent of it’s donations is a slap in the face to those of us that volunteer. Taking 30 million in contributions from someone who has business before the State department? Using FBI files for late night reading? Luckily, the Repubs don’t have testicular fortitude to question her on any of her shady dealings, of which there are so many. I much rather would have seen a woman like McCaskill run. I guess I am just too old school. I actually believed that stuff from JFK about “ask not what your country can do for you…” Too bad he turned out to be such a skunk. I see no hope for the future of this country if the best we can see this election is a contest between Hillary and that jerk Donald.

  2. mark

    Last time I checked the Democratic National Convention will be in mid 2016. What is the rush to judgement about the choice of a candidate? To date the Democrats (we) had had one debate. These forums are one important way for us to understand a bit about the character and positions of each. Right now I support Bernie Sanders. His positions on issues are clear and understood. His values are well articulated and he continues to match his word with actions.

  3. charlene4047

    Quitters never win. If worst comes to worst, we could make a difference with Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. Something to think about, anyway. We need to fight for Bernie, but also do our homework in case it doesn’t go our way. Hillary talks a good talk, and in that way it seems like she might do, but I don’t think she will walk the walk. She would be a disappointing compromise, and we can’t afford compromise.

  4. mark

    As a Hillary Clinton supporter I understand your enthusiasm in wishing for others to share your vision. While the primary political season may have candidates that are winners and losers, we the American people are winners in the sense that we have heard and vetted the candidates for what they represent & have done (& will try to do). What is reason for the rush to judgement? Is it based on the belief that we the American electorate are not patient & savvy enough to perform our responsibilities? #1)You state your beliefs that Bernie Sanders is may not be electable, as a national candidate. Your comments are your opinion, but what data are you basing your comments on? #2) As Americans & Democrats we have a system that works, even if we get to the point, at the National convention, with delegates who are ardent supporters of our favored candidate, we will work within the process to allow the Convention process to determine the winner, #3) It is my belief that by listening to one another and working together, for the benefit of all Americans, we will all be enriched

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