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My Question For Republican Debate Wednesday Night Deals With Gun Violence

October 27, 2015

For those who have followed the presidential race and debates this year know the issue of gun violence prevention has emerged as a defining issue in the Democratic primary. It was the topic of one of the first advertisements of the race, it’s been talked about in the news, and it was covered extensively at the start of the first debate with the five Democratic contenders.

But on the Republican side, after two debates, there was one question about the issue and only a handful of candidates were given the opportunity to address the topic.   It was a most unconvincing display that leads the nation to conclude the GOP does not understand the gravity of the matter, or cares to make a difference for the nation with the endless number of gun deaths.

Therefore Wednesday night when Republicans are set to debate for a third time on CNBC for the purpose of questions on the economy I wish to offer the following idea.

In this nation it is estimated that $229 billion is the price we pay annually for gun violence.  Everyone knows gun violence has reached epidemic levels in this country. Easy access to guns by criminals and the dangerously mentally ill has led to over 400,000 firearms deaths in the United States since 2001!!!  But very little attention is paid to the economic cost of this problem.  A problem I should note for my readers which has a price tag that is almost as high as the cost of smoking in the United States.

This is as much an economic question as one about morals and justice.  The Republicans should meet the issue head on and the moderator of the debate should force them to do it.

So candidates what do you plan to do to prevent such an economic drain every year due to gun violence?

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  1. October 27, 2015 5:32 PM

    (Editors note placed in lieu of the usual tripe from PK who regurgitates the illogical NRA line. Several years I posted on this site the following. I need to again institute this policy)

    This blog will no longer allow the NRA spin machine to spew forth. The NRA may have bought Congress, but they have not bought the blogging world. So from this point forward if you want to spin the NRA line be prepared to write a check and buy an ad on this site. The trolling here by the NRA are no longer going to be published. If I will not publish those who still at times comment that Iraq was behind 9/11, why should I allow the most inane comments from those who have their heads so far up the NRA backside that they will do and say anything just to get posted? Totally inaccurate comments only serve to undermine the dialogue, and further divide the nation. There are plenty of blogs that carry water for the right-wing bat-crap crazy crowd which the NRA fits nicely into. Just because I have a blog does not require me to allow the insanity here. Enough said.

    In other words when it comes to the gun issue PK is going to have to learn something to say other than his NRA repeats.

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