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Near-East Side Madison Has Wing-Nuts, Too

October 27, 2015

It is not only the Republicans who have wing nuts.  Liberals and progressives do too.

Today one of those from the nutty side of the fringe posted on the Marquette Neighborhood Association list serve that the Dane County Airport should be shut down, in part, due to military training exercises that take place from those airstrips.

Baffling to me how little oxygen it takes for a moron to still send a post on a list serve.  But after that comes a quick question to this idiotic person.

If this nation, along with our allies, were to impose a no-fly zone in Syria to protect those men, women, and children from being slaughtered with barrel bombs from the Assad regime would then not the training of our men and women with military flights such as the ones that so offended you be worth it?  Might the noise that seemed to be in your “attic” be then worth the lives protected?
Or are we all so self-centered that if it intrudes on our blissful life here on the isthmus and near-east side we can tell the rest of the world who often do rely on the U.S. they can go to hell?
Thinking we need our constant calm, but screw the rest of the world, is not the way, I trust, the vast majority of us live our lives.
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