GOP Debate: America Needs A Credible Nominee

I like to razz the Republican Party about the deep split within their ranks that is now shaking their nominating process to the core.   Watching the other party implode as a spectator sport goes all the way back to the demise of the Federalists.  This is just something that politicos find enjoyable about American politics.

But at the end of the day, I along with the vast majority of others in this nation, fully understand the need for a credible leader to emerge from the field in both major political parties.  Come November 2016 we need to have strong nominees with governing experience, institutional background, and the capability to lead the nation.

That is not only a political need for the Republicans or Democrats.  That view must be seen as an American necessity.

As I watched the Republican debate on Wednesday night while the topic of economics played out in a long series of questions it also struck me that between now and the general election something on the world stage would likely occur which will unnerve us.  Something that we will not expect, yet something that will again demonstrate why the gravitas of the person in the White House matters.  Something that will underscore why we all need to be serious about the process that produces our nominees while at the same time making sure we are stone sober and care about the quality of both candidates–one of which will be the next president.

I am not positive that another ‘Clinton scandal’ will not erupt or that some other factor will not create hardships for Democrats next year.  I want a Democratic victory but nothing is for certainty in politics.  Therefore I want–as we all should–the best and most highly capable person that the GOP can nominate to be there should they prevail at the polling place.

I have watched each of the  Republican debates and can see wheat from the chaff.  But days later I have no way to really explain how the ones with no political experience who provide to the media the most outlandish statements then lead in the polls.

There were three clear leaders from the establishment wing of the party at Wednesday’s debate.   I am not sure two of them in any way really boosted their chances, given the current political climate, while I am most certain one of them created a larger hole for himself.

Both Ohio Governor John Kasich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were able to wade into policy and ideas and at the same time throw some political elbows and present their fighting sides to the party.  They each are tough politicians who have fought and won their share of battles and, like their stands on the issues or not, they know how to get the trains moving on time.  They have done so in their respective states.  Governing is not a foreign idea to them.

Jeb Bush looked haggard and lacked the spine or spirit to punch and tussle in the arena.   I admit to being stunned by his performance as I have long predicted he would be the nominee.  I am not at all sure that statement can again be made on this blog.   Bush did not seem to be totally engaged in the debate or seeking ways to best frame his arguments.  He allowed Marco Rubio to best him on the matter of a Florida newspaper challenging the senator’s voting record during the campaign.  It was baffling how little fight Bush had in him.

Pound for pound no one came close in giving the most punchy and in-your-face answers as Rubio.  He is not ready to be president but he is every inch the man for his party’s vice-presidential spot and proved how he could be the dynamic star out on the husting’s next fall.

The most inadequate candidates, given the scope of what is required to be president, stood center stage.  Donald Trump and Ben Carson lead in the polls and that sends great spasms of delight from those in the GOP who scorn anything that smacks of experience or insight into governing.  But they simply have no grasp of the enormity of the office they seek or the nuances of policy that is needed to be understood so to best lead the country.

I hear there is anger in the land and especially from fringe elements in the Republican Party and Trump and Carson are the vehicles at this moment who are carrying the feeling nationwide in the campaigns.   But at some point this nation, through the nominating process, needs to place serious-minded people front and center and demand that responsible candidates step up and lead.  

We need to have intelligent and credible set of leaders from both parties to make sure our government works.  We may laugh and twitter over Trump this or Carson that and marvel over how off-the-wall it all is day-after-day.

But as we all know it will be that unexpected headline that will make us wish we had taken this process more seriously when we had the chance.  This nation needs the Republican Party to get their act together!

And that sentient comes from this liberal blogger.

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