Jeb Bush Still The Talk Of Those Who Think Beyond This Week

Over and over I have stated my belief that at the end of the Republican nominating process it will be Jeb Bush who will prevail as the nominee.  It looks rugged and all uphill at this time–as it has for months.  But I believe that the middle of politics still holds sway in these matters.

Which leads me to a news story where the Hillary Clinton campaign also has Jeb Bush in the headlights to the exclusion of everyone else in the GOP.

Jeb Bush’s campaign may have fallen on hard times recently with the third Republican primary debate looming, but Hillary Clinton’s team is still paying close attention to the former Florida governor.

At least that’s one lesson that comes across in a roughly 1,750-word memo — which also reports on Clinton’s progress with superdelegates — sent by campaign manager Robby Mook to top Clinton backers on Tuesday.  

Meanwhile Bush, whose campaign recently cut costs and started restructuring itself, is the only Republican presidential candidate mentioned in the celebratory missive, which also nods to the libertarian billionaire Koch brothers and Clinton’s main Democratic primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

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