One Paragraph That Right-Wingers Need To Grasp

There is no way I would want to be in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s shoes.  He does not have a smooth walk ahead.  But that is not due to his lack of skill or intellect.  Rather it has to do with the rabble that he has to deal with in his caucus and also from those around the nation who only have strife as a goal.  Today The Wall Street Journal had a great lead editorial that included this paragraph.

One problem is that the conservative movement has created a new establishment of permanent opposition. This includes groups like Heritage Action and the Senate Conservatives Fund whose fund-raising depends on feeding perpetual grassroots outrage. They’re willing to flip-flop on such traditional conservative positions as freer trade merely because Mr. Obama supports it. And partial policy victories are never enough. This will also make it harder for a consistent conservative like Mr. Ryan to keep a majority of 218 Republicans.

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