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So We Only Need To Arm More People With Guns To Stop Bad People…….

October 29, 2015

….is the answer from the NRA wack jobs.  There was a lot of human trash creating violence in Waco that day and to pretend that all these ass-hats would have only been better served had they more guns is ludicrous.   Showers and lots of soap were clearly were more in need than guns.

After the guns fell silent on May 17 — one of the bloodiest afternoons in the history of American motorcycle clubs — nine Texas bikers lay dead in a strip mall parking lot littered with weapons. Many more were injured, bleeding from gunshots and knife wounds. CNN has obtained thousands of pages of documents — including police intelligence reports, crime scene photos and witness interviews — as well as surveillance video. These begin to tell the story of how a midday gunfight between two rival motorcycle clubs turned a Waco parking lot into a battle zone.

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