The Last Acts Of House Speaker John Boehner

After Congressman Paul Ryan was sworn in as House Speaker the outgoing head of the chamber, John Boehner, submitted his letters of resignation.

The first letter will be sent to Governor Kasich, and the second letter was delivered to Speaker Ryan. The letters informed them that he will resign his congressional seat effective  at 11:59 p.m., Saturday.

This afternoon Boehner will exit interviews with Bill Hemmer of FOX and Dana Bash for CNN’s State of the Union.

On Friday afternoon, he will fly home to Ohio and then I hope soon will find his way to the sunshine of Florida and a stack of good books to read.

Meanwhile Ryan will start a job that will eat him alive and wish he had never entertained the idea of even running for congress.  There is no way–at this time–to unite a most fractured and unmanageable Republican Caucus that is far too often hell-bent on not only stopping government from operating but also undermining their own ability to function as a political party.

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