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Ben Carson Trying To Dodge Tough Questions In Political Campaign

November 1, 2015

This one will be another thud you hear as it falls hard and fast to the floor of bad ideas.

The RNC wants to publicize their candidates so the idea of not having major broadcast outlets air debates is just a non-starter.

Second, the voters do not need more scripted statements from candidates that do not allow insight into the way they think or allow a deeper understanding of how much they know.

Ben Carson is not suited in any way to be president.  He is not even suited to be surgeon general!

“Ben Carson’s campaign wants to take the coming Republican presidential primary debates off television and broadcast them over the Internet, while turning the forums into a series of lengthy candidate statements with far less time for moderators’ questions,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The retired neurosurgeon’s campaign manager, Barry Bennett, is convening a meeting of GOP campaign representatives Sunday night. Mr. Bennett has already presented the other campaigns and the Republican National Committee with his proposal: a minimum of five minutes for opening and closing statements with all major declared GOP candidates on stage.”


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