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Houston Needs To Stand For Gender Identity Rights On Tuesday

November 1, 2015

I am just continually confounded over the need of conservatives to showcase themselves to be always on the wrong side of history.  The latest evidence of that is taking place in Houston where come Tuesday I suspect a severe drubbing of evangelical Christians will take place.

And for good reason.

I am not going to pretend to understand how it might feel to be trapped inside the body of the wrong outwardly looking gender.   I have no way to frame that in my mind.   Sexual attraction is easy for me and most others to grasp, regardless of where we land on the spectrum.  But wanting to change gender is much harder for me to say in a real way I can mentally compute.

But that does not mean I have no empathy for those who are so challenged with gender identity issues.  I certainly do not feel threatened by them or fear them.  I think with matters of this kind the playing field of society needs to be equal and accepting.

Therefore there is only one way for the voters of Houston to proceed this week.

They simply need to send a strong message that they will keep an ordinance on the books that allows for fairness to be the guide when it comes to gender identity issues.

An election battle over the city’s equal rights ordinance has turned into an expensive and bitterly fought culture war, pitting some of Houston’s most powerful pastors and social conservatives against its mayor, who is a lesbian, and her supporters. Opponents have zeroed in on the protections it would give for gender identity, particularly transgender Houstonians who were born male but identify as women.

Voters will decide on Tuesday whether to keep or repeal the ordinance, which bans discrimination in housing, private employment, city contracting and businesses such as restaurants and bars for 15 protected classes, including race, national origin, age and military status. The City Council approved it last year, but enforcement was put on hold pending the outcome this week.

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