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The Rules Do Not Apply To Scott Walker

November 2, 2015

Once again the headlines concerning Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have to do with what he is attempting to get away with by skirting the laws.

Last week the news was about his failure to provide under a Freedom of Information request a complete visitor’s log for those who visited the Governor’s Mansion.   This morning in bold headlines the Wisconsin State Journal reports that his campaign failed to submit required employer information for nearly 6,000 contributors last year.    This matter of reporting information on employers is one that I called attention to recently, and one that the current Republican controlled legislature is working to remove from our laws.

That lack of detail in Walker’s report makes his campaign committee by far the most of any committee out of line with what the rule demands.  To put his report in better context consider that it had 27 times more failures to comply with this employer reporting rule than his Democratic opponent.

Perhaps it was the time in which I grew up but the Republican Party always tried to portray itself as the one leading the good fight for law and order.  Conservatives were supposed to be the ones who tethered themselves to a process of government that allowed for accountability.

Yet what we are seeing in this state is an attempt to undermine clean government, and neuter the laws that were put in place to provide transparency and a fuller understanding of how elections and campaigns are conducted, and how governing happens under the dome.

When Walker and Company do not like something they strike out in an attempt to remove it.  The open records debacle this year is but one classic example of what happens when something irks Walker.  That the people of this state stood up to him and his cronies and demanded the matter never come to fruition showed the power we have when it is exercised.

That is how we once again need to view the full array of attempts to change and undermine the rules that are needed to make sure our government is not riddled with corruption.    We must hold Walker–like every other politician–accountable for their actions.

Walker may not enjoy playing by the rules or abiding by the laws but since he works for us and we pay his salary we get to say what happens.  Because if we do not do our jobs as good citizens than one thing is for sure.

Dirty government will win, and then we all lose.  

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