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Congress Showing Some Signs It Might Actually Be Able To Function

November 5, 2015

The House  voted 363-64 today to pass a six-year, nearly $340 billion highway and transit bill.  No matter what side of the political divide you happen to reside one thing is clear.

This is not only an early victory for Speaker Paul Ryan, but also a victory for the system of governing in  America.

It needs to be noted that this is the first long-term highway legislation to pass the House in nearly a decade.  That fact should stun and shame all who watch and participate in the making of laws.   Clearly that fact underscores the dysfunction that has controlled the process in Washington for an all too-long embarrassing period of time.

Included in the transportation bill is the revival of the expired Export-Import Bank, a much needed agency for business and economic growth in our nation.  The whole matter now heads to the senate for a needed vote in the next 15 days.

I am under no pretense that this bill’s passage today marks  any new spurt of compromise between the partisans in congress.  That would be asking for too much.  But it surely shows what can happen to better this nation if everyone just puts their best foot forward and tries to make policy.


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