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“Democracy Vouchers” Worth A Try–Seattle Testing Idea

November 5, 2015

I am very much interested in learning how this idea for campaign finance reform and accountability fares in Seattle.  It is clearly a novel idea and now we have to see how it works.

Voters this week voted by a wide margin–and the numbers in the election say a lot about the need for new ways to bring campaign finance and accountability front and center in finding ways to make our elections more democratic.  With this win the voters have allowed for an innovative way to implement a new campaign finance system that would give each voter four taxpayer-funded $25 “democracy vouchers” every two years that they could then give as donations to candidates for local races like mayor and city council. In turn, candidates who accept these vouchers will have to abide by additional caps on donations and spending, and will also have to participate in at least three debates.

If this idea works more cities around the nation will look at these reforms.  One thing is for sure.  The need for campaign and election reform is an ever-growing need in the nation.

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