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Scott Walker Needs To Look In Mirror For Government Cost-Savings

November 8, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is playing up ways to make government more effective and operate on fewer tax dollars in the latest attempt to create a new narrative following his failed presidential bid.

The Commission on Government Reform, Efficiency, and Performance sounds like a great mouthful of words to use when promoting the attempt by Walker to make government more accountable to the public.   I am sure there will be countless meetings and plenty of coffee pots filled around some oval table while all sorts of ideas get bounced about.

But if Walker were serious about making some cutbacks in government he might start first by looking in the mirror and recognizing the costly burdens that he has saddled the state with over the past years.   He might also come to realize his fiscal woes added to our state were often solutions in search of a problem.

This past week the Joint Finance Committee voted to overhaul the state’s civil service system which requires a $6 million appropriation to fund a merit pay system.    It should be noted the re-make of the civil service system will allow for partisan games in hiring along with a lower standard of professionalism.   That makes the price-tag least of the problems with this proposal.

If the commission were serious about good government along with a serious fiscal attitude the first thing to do is stop a needless program change before it starts.

But when it comes to laws with a price tag that should have never seen the light of day none rises to the top of the pole faster than the purely political gamesmanship of Voter ID.  A costly program and one that used much time and resources for legal services to fight it out in court.    Since this bill was only designed for safeguarding Republican office holders it seems the GOP party coffers should fund the whole mess and leave the taxpayers out of it.

The commission should look at the measure calling for drug tests for those seeking unemployment compensation.  Even more useless and burdensome to taxpayers is the new idea to place a picture for those receiving public assistance with SNAP cards.   Reports show this will cost taxpayers more than $7 million.

It appears the only ones pushing for this needleless bill regarding SNAP were the legislative authors who wanted a headline for a press release.  Once again Wisconsin voters get to pay for a solution in search of a problem.

But what should really outrage everyone in the state is that once the taxpayers fund the SNAP ID program that photo will not be acceptable as a voter ID.

We know why.  SNAP is designed to assist poor people and we sure do not want to in any way make it easier for them to vote.

I agree with Walker that there are indeed ways to make government more effective and less costly.  Looking at what the conservatives have done to our state recently is perhaps the best place to start to find wasted programs and money.

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