Allen Pizzey Retiring From CBS News

I want to send a shout-out this morning to one of the reporters and voices that helped make the world a better understood place.


Allen Pizzey, who has spent more than three decades at CBS News, is leaving the network.  I genuinely appreciate those like Pizzy who have institutional memory and a real grasp at what it takes to gather facts and then report.

Pizzey, based in Rome, is CBS’ point man at the Vatican, but he also covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The stories that this man has seen is simply staggering.  Twenty-six years ago, he was in Germany covering the fall of the Berlin Wall. This week, Pizzey finds himself in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt reporting on the crash of that Russian passenger jet.

I am hoping–and trusting–that a book of his life will soon be a project he undertakes.

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