Listing All Of Ben Carson’s Lies (As Of Now)

There is a concise list with links on Mother Jones which allows for a fast but insightful look into the lies of Ben Carson.  A couple of them have been posted here.

We all know that Ben Carson has some wacky ideas. We also know that he has some pretty strange views of history. And that a lot of his policy proposals make no sense at all. But he’s long had a pretty good reputation for being truthful. Crazy but honest, that’s Ben. Except that it’s now starting to look like he has some real problems with being honest in his personal life.

Then: “Several sections of potential Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s 2012 book America the Beautiful were plagiarized from various sources, BuzzFeed News has found….In one instance, Carson cites wholesale from an old website that has been online since at least 2002,”

Now: “I attempted to appropriately cite and acknowledge all sources in America the Beautiful, but inadvertently missed some.” This is such a common excuse among plagiarists that it’s practically become a joke.

Then: “The day before I’d been informed that the final examination papers in a psychology class, Perceptions 301, ‘were inadvertently burned’….So I, with about 150 other students, went to the designated auditorium for the repeat exam….[The questions] were incredibly difficult….Soon half the class was gone, and the exodus continued. Not one person turned in the examination before leaving.

“….Suddenly the door of the classroom opened….The professor came toward me. With her was a photographer for the Yale Daily News who paused and snapped my picture. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked. ‘A hoax,’ the teacher said. ‘We wanted to see who was the most honest student in the class.’ She smiled again. ‘And that’s you.’ “

Now: The Wall Street Journal reports that “no photo identifying Mr. Carson as a student ever ran, according to the Yale Daily News archives, and no stories from that era mention a class called Perceptions 301. Yale Librarian Claryn Spies said Friday there was no psychology course by that name or class number during any of Mr. Carson’s years at Yale.”


9 thoughts on “Listing All Of Ben Carson’s Lies (As Of Now)

  1. tom

    And yet thee all amount to small potatoes when compared to the numerous and severe lies of Hillary Clinton. The idea that anyone could seriously consider voting for a depraved woman who lied to the American people about the origins of a terrorist attack–in addition to the lengthy list of others is astounding.

    The democrats are about to nominate as confirmed liar and influence monger.

    My question is this: how can you vote for or encourage others to vote for a candidate who you know is not going to be honest with the American people? I’d love to hear how you rationalize that.

  2. Two points.

    First there is nothing else to judge Carson on since he was never a candidate before, has no paper trail like a judge, or legislation as a public official. If he is willing to lie about his bio then the people–the voters–have a right to know. And that is NOT a small thing when it comes to the wool he is trying to slip over the eyes of the electorate.

    Second, there is no way that Benghazi was ever anything more than what we know it to be. A most awful event that was turned into a partisan plot by the GOP. I never posted much about this event as it had not real legs after the facts were known. I have never faulted Clinton over this matter–as I really have no sense that there is anything to fault her over.

    I always consider–whether I love a candidate or not–the larger issues in play. The high court, and voting rights are two critical issues for me domestically and I want to see a full throated approach in foreign policy to allow for the work that is needed to be done in the Middle East but also to pivot harder and deeper to meet the needs and growth of Southeast Asia. As a reader of history I am under no illusion that every leader is the type of person who I would want my kid–if I had one–to be like as a person. But as a citizen who thinks about and follows events I have a strong sense of what needs to be done to make our nation better and our world stronger and safer. Those are the factors I consider when making a choice at the ballot box.

  3. tom

    I certainly don’t think that Americans slaughtered in Benghazi was nothing more than a tragic event. Hillary made it so by lying about the attack to the American people. Through the Benghazi investigation we learned that hillary conducted her official business on insecure networks–something that would have resulted by now in jail time for ordinary DoS workers, I’m sure.

    But lets look at it from the poop-bagger lefty position for a moment. How many times did we hear the claim that Bush lied? Assuming for a moment that this was true (a claim I certainly reject), we are left with two problems. One is the resulting bad foreign policy. The second alleges a complete betrayal of the Democracy. If it were true that Bush lied, that would in my mind certainly be an impeachable offense. I don’t know what it would be in retrospect. But in the present, we have a major democratic candidate with a track record of lying to the public and even to the families of the victims. Going forward, how could we trust that what she advocated as president would be good policy? How could we know that she was really not motivated by the desire to enrich her family and buddies over at the clinton foundation? You ask voters to take the word of one who has proven on multiple occasions that she cannot be trusted. (not to mention she recently identified 40% of the American public as her enemies). With Hillary, you have no assurance that she will pursue the agenda items or merely tell you that she is. She won’t be bothered about lying to you.

    As the same time, Ben Carson’s lies seem to be something that is “NOT a small thing.” Well, some lies really are bigger than others. Carson’s lies–if they are that–at least bear some small resemblance to reality. Clinton absolutely knew the truth about Benghazi because she told it to her daughter at the same time she was lying to America. Clinton also victimized a stupid American exercising his right to free speech at the same time.

    I sense there is a rabid double-standard at work in your thinking. I understand that most on the left believe that the ends justify any means, but is that where you stand?

    This being said, I don’t want Carson to win the nomination. I admire his intellect and skill as a surgeon. I don’t think that never having held office before disqualifies a candidate. I don’t think you do either, or you wouldn’t have voted for the wildly inexperienced freshman senator who most often voted “present.”

  4. The many investigations from the GOP House has not allowed for anyone to come to a conclusion that Clinton was at fault for the what happened in Benghazi. Your own party has conceded the only thing these investigations were for was a political outcome.

    I have certainly stated that I very much differ with Clinton on the use of a private email server and think it a bad judgment call on her part.

    When it comes to the veracity of candidates telling the public one thing and operating differently we only need to look at Walker in relation to right-to-work legislation as a starting point to show that there is no higher stand that one party can claim over this maneuver.

    Obama was a state senator for several terms and also elected to the US Senate.. Creating budgets and working with issues through a legislative process is very important to me when it comes to grasping how to think and work with others in a governing job. For me personally was his teaching of constitutional law that makes for a fantastic ability to understand the federal nature of our country.

    I do think that holding elective office prior to seeking and serving as president is very important. While there is no way for any person to know how completely all consuming the job as president is until one sits in the chair it is essential that a person have recognition of the bonds between voter and public servant and the necessity of working with political partners for a desired outcome that comes with prior service.

    I have seen at just the level of new members to the state assembly the learning curve and must totally disagree with you on the need for experience in governing when it comes to seeking and being elected president.

  5. tom

    I think it is so telling that you evade the main point here. The problem is not that she was or was not “at fault” for Benghazi.


    If you do not think this is important, just say so–don’t come back with some minor stuff about Walker. That’s weak–and according to your ethical argument–not relevant. You are cool with politicians lying as long as it furthers your agenda–is that it?

    Please explain. I’m confused.

  6. Tom,

    I do not think you are confused. Just blinded by partisanship. You are looking for a scandal that doesn’t exist.

    And yes, that does lead back to Walker, again. In this case the attempts to find a solution to a problem such as with the SNAP program or voter ID, etc.

    I evaded nothing regarding Benghazi as there is nothing there! The email matter was something about her office procedures that was uncovered as part of the investigation. But nothing more was ever found of any merit from the investigation that should result in anything other than embarrassment that the GOP will not relent in their partisanship.

  7. tom

    That’s what I like about discussions with you, Deke–you never make even the slightest concession. You are a well trained politician.

  8. Tom,

    I have been known to shape a different view and hold a very different position as more facts are presented. About 20 years ago for instance I had a very protectionist view about trade and now while still mindful that we need to have strong well-crafted agreements am very much a free-trade advocate. I was once VERY opposed to the idea of federal funds being used for needle exchange programs but am now strongly in favor. I was once very opposed to any type of means-testing for social security but have changed a positon on that. So I certainly am not one who has no evolution of thoughts.

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