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Did Republican Party Read Autopsy Report For GOP Loss In 2012?

November 12, 2015

I can see it now.

Come the second week of November 2016, after many days of hard drinking and rubbing gold and silver coins on their bodies—have you noticed how many ads for these coins air on FAUX News?–a harsh reality will settle in on the Republican Party.

Almost in unison through the gnashing of their teeth the same questions will be asked.

Why did we not listen concerning the need to be smarter when it came to immigration policy in this nation?  Why did we allow the worst of the party to lead us by the nose to the cliff and then we stupidly walked right off it?

By the time the GOP wakes up with hangover breath the Democrats will be on their way to planning Inauguration Day.

There is no way to discern why the GOP thinks they can continue to allow for the mean-spirited and demographically unwise bigotry to spew from the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  There is no way to fathom how anyone with a pulse can for one minute not know the blow-back that will smack the Republican Party in just one year’s time for making  anti-immigrant rants.

Following the defeat in 2012 the GOP listed in their autopsy report the need to find new ways to reach out to Hispanics and Latinos so to allow the Republican Party to have a chance at remaining a national party.

But clearly not everyone took the time to heed the words of the report.

This week in what can only be termed as politically stark-raving lunacy Trump made clear he will follow the hugely dis-credited (history buffs know of what I write) program used by President Eisenhower.  He deported an estimated 1 million Mexican undocumented immigrants on trains, buses, trucks and even cargo ships.  Trump says he will model his plan on Ike’s work and use a  “a deportation force” to do so.

This is simply the best news Democrats have heard all year long.  Mind you we have heard a great deal that can and will be used next fall to make the point Republicans just do not understand the moral equation when it comes to immigrants.

They also clearly do not understand the economic necessity of having these workers in the country.

Before Trump speaks about how he would emulate Ike he might want to learn as my radio favorite Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story.”

According to her 2004 book, “Impossible Subjects: Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America,” more than 25 percent were removed via cargo ships, for which a congressional investigation “likened one vessel (where a riot took place on board) to an ‘eighteenth century slave ship’ and a ‘penal hell ship.”

Yes, the language from too many of the leading voices in the race for the White House is surely the best way to encourage votes for the eventual Republican nominee!

I wonder when the Republicans who really want to win in 2016 will step up and address this awful lingo from Trump and Cruz and work in a visible way to show that the GOP is not totally run by a bunch of bigots and mental midgets.    Perhaps there are some who realize that to be a national party means winning national elections.  With the demographic trends showing while males will be a minority in this country in a couple decades it seems now would be a good time for establishment Republicans to find their voice.

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