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Chicago Cubs Radio Broadcasts Moving Yet Again On Dial

November 13, 2015

There are never many–in fact hardly any-posts on this blog about sports.  But since the Chicago Cubs remains America’s favorite underdogs and there is always an air of hope for the team, and I love radio broadcasting this news item needs to be mentioned.

For as long as I can remember the home for the Chicago Cubs broadcasts were always on WGN radio.   But with the 2015 season they moved their broadcasts from AM 720 to WBBM, AM 780, the all news station.

Now in yet another upheaval the Cubs decided to move their broadcasts to AM 670, WSCR the Score, starting with the 2016 season.

So why does this make a post here, exactly.

When the change was made in 2015 I heard people talk about how it had made for difficulties.  Fans realized they would have to reprogram their car radios and remember to tune into AM 780.  I had to smile about this big hardship with listening to the car radio!

But then this year I heard about the horror stories from folks arriving at Wrigley Field where many felt the all-news radio station had set the volume too loud in the ball park.  If it was not the volume others thought the content of the broadcasts prior to game time was just not in line with what should be heard before a sporting event.

I do wish I was making all this up.

And here was little ole stupid me while not an avid baseball fan thinking the biggest hurdle to jump was the fact the Cubs were no longer being broadcast from their iconic home on the radio dial.

Now there is one thing I do find of a positive note about this whole matter, and this is Pat Hughes.

When working at WDOR Radio in Sturgeon Bay Hughes was color man for the Milwaukee Brewer network and I always felt was the star of the show.  I know that meets with scorn when the fans of Bob Uecker hear my thoughts–and yes, Uecker surely has a most celebrated broadcasting career.  But Hughes had a style and tone that made him a perfect voice for radio then and even more so now.

For many years Hughes has been the front man for Cubs broadcasts and it appears that will remain even though the games will now air on AM 670.

Sure hope the folks in the cars can find time to change their pre-sets.

After all first pitch is in April.

  1. November 13, 2015 12:08 PM

    So many greats on WGN over the decades. I have been a listener of my ‘radio friends’ from WGN since I was a teenager. And now at 53 still think of them as a part of my daily routine.

  2. Marilyn permalink
    November 13, 2015 11:13 AM

    Time available on WGN allowed me to meet some nice, funny and informative broadcasters. For a while, Bob Sirrott and Marianne,,and Bill and Wendy….Roe Conn and another Mary Ann

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