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GOP Problem: General Electorate Not Getting Whiter

November 13, 2015

Yesterday I made my case as to why the Republican Party is short-sighted on immigration.

Today comes this from First Read:

“It’s always been clear that immigration was going to be THE wedge issue for Republicans in 2016, but it really exploded onto the campaign trail in full view yesterday, with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz blasting each other over their stances on the 2013 immigration battle in the Senate. Welcome to the new normal, folks. In a Trump-less world, Cruz probably would have been positioned to be the field’s staunchest conservative on immigration, but he was outflanked the minute Trump entered the race. This will be the defining issue for the campaign’s major players: If Rubio isn’t the nominee, immigration will be the reason why; if Cruz is the nominee, immigration will be the reason why; if Trump survives, immigration will be the reason why.”

“The trouble for the GOP: They’re talking to a primary electorate that is getting whiter, while the general electorate is heading in the opposite direction.”

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