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Our Hearts Are With Parisians

November 13, 2015

Our hearts are with those who live in Paris and all over France as they face the worst attack on their nation since WWII. The news and footage is nothing short of stunning and sickening. The French people know that the international community stands with them.
The world must unite and combat this disease that has been allowed to fester too long in Syria and Iraq. There is no way to pretend the utter destruction of Daesh is not required. Daesh has bastardized the Koran and it needs to be stopped by the military force of the international community. For now we grieve with those in Paris. But there must be a response to this carnage that sends a message that is equally grave for those who staged today’s slaughter of innocents.
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  1. November 15, 2015 8:03 PM

    Perfectly said. Thank you, Gregory.

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