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Must Be Democratic Debate If SAT-Type Words Are Used

November 14, 2015

Quick thoughts on the Democratic debate held tonight in Iowa.

It was a somber night following the terrorists attacks in Paris.  As if the Republicans do not have enough problems with the multitude of bad candidates this year, the Democrats also get to shine on the debate stage in the midst of an international crisis.  The optics were simply superb.

I knew for sure it was the Democratic candidates debating and not the Republicans when Hillary Clinton used a good SAT word, nihilism.   Never find anyone coming close on the GOP side to uttering crossword puzzle type words.  It was refreshing to hear such words tonight.

And no one professed to know more than the generals, as Donald Trump has done.

It was also nice to see at least one political party understands the importance of embracing all those who come to our shores for economic reasons.

Also very refreshing to see that no one on stage thought all those of the Islamic faith should be lumped together with the jihadists.

One thing is clear.  We saw our next president on that stage and she presented herself very well.

The only fault I could find was the constantly moving colors and graphics behind the candidates that was perturbing. CBS News needs to remove that effect for the next debate they hold.

The moderator, John Dickerson, was spot on with great probing questions and follow-ups that cut to the core of what needed to be questioned and answered.

Perhaps showing that dexterity at its best was when he questioned Clinton over if it took only one vote to undermine all credibility a candidate has with an issue..  She had made the effort to do so with Bernie Sanders and his no vote on liability for gun manufactures.  Dickerson then turned the question around on a dime and asked the former Secretary of State if her vote for the Iraq War did not do the same in regards to her ability surrounding foreign policy.

The whole debate was most impressive and America had the chance to see both parties debate this week.  In the midst of a crisis there is no doubt who the winner was, and why this nation will elect a proven individual with a resume as their next president.

Her name is Hillary.

  1. November 15, 2015 5:45 PM

    Darn tablet spellcheck, that should have been ” by the end ” “by the DNC”

  2. mark permalink
    November 15, 2015 1:34 PM

    Feel the Bern

  3. November 15, 2015 7:24 AM

    Thank goodness there was football on TV last night so I was not forced to watch a staged and managed event to try and rescue Hillary’s campaign by the end and cbs

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