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David Vitter Political Cartoons

November 22, 2015

I would never have suggested in the lead-up to the Louisiana governor’s race that Republican Senator David Vitter would lose by 12 points.   This is after all Louisiana where the sex scandal of Vitter is not even in the top tier of truly crazy and politically inept things that has taken place among their political elite.   I knew the polls were showing John Bel Edwards with strength, but to whip a dog with a such a thrashing as that given out in Saturday’s election was stunning.

Now I am pretty open-minded but there is no way to wrap my head around the idea of a U.S. Senator who championed family values in his campaigns paying for a prostitute–and then bringing diapers into the equation.     Family values must mean something different by us Yankees.  But at the end of the day it seems many voters in Louisiana saw the hypocrisy too and voted to show the door to Vitter

There is no real glee here in the fact Vitter’s Democratic opponent won the race.  Edwards had to play in Louisiana politics and therefore is a shadow when it comes to being a party leader.

So that leaves me this morning snickering over some of the best memories from the time when Vitter was a national joke.

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