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Compromise Seems Possible Over Horse-Drawn Carriages In New York City

November 25, 2015

Not for the first time does this topic land on CP.

I have been most plain about how I feel over this matter.

There are some who feel that a ban on carriage horses in New York City is a wonderful idea, and seem to base their feelings on the notion that horses are being ill-treated if they are carrying passengers around at a gentle gait.  If there were any real mistreatment of these horses that merited some action it might then be sensible to tighten the regulations governing these businesses.  But just because some liken the pulling of carriages as cruelty to animals does not make it so.

Now comes news that there may be a deal on the making.

The chief sponsor of a City Council bill to ban carriage horses wants Mayor Bill de Blasio to move quickly to curtail the industry, even if it means limiting the number of horses instead of completely banning them as the mayor had first proposed.

“I am always open to compromise, so long as it’s in the best interest of the horses,” City Councilman Danny Dromm said in a statement Tuesday. “However, it’s time for action. The mayor should move forward quickly to resolve this issue.”

Dromm’s comments came the same day The New York Times reported de Blasio is backing off his proposal to ban the carriage horses outright and instead will submit a plan to slash the number of horses and contain them within Central Park.

De Blasio spokesman Wiley Norvell would not comment directly on the Times story but indicated negotiations were still ongoing.

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